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Dead Slow and Nearly Stop
What pred and the HPA axis do...
I can't remember anything...
Grieving my old life and learning to dance
Secondary adrenal insufficiency - getting off pred
PMR/GCA Personality Types/Journey of Change/Coping Strateg
What is it like to live with PMR?
CRP and ESR blood tests - what are they?
Pred articles from PMRGCAUK Newsletter: Part 1
Pred articles from PMRGCAUK Newsletter: Part 2
Reducing pred: dead slow and nearly stop
Elaine's GCA Journey - all the way to Club Zero!
Why do I feel bad for a few days after a reduction?
Pred and adrenals: Is high dose, short course and stop OK?
Exercises for PMR: courtesy of Charlotte and her Physio
Living with a disability - or do I mean a Gorilla?
Start high or low? Different manifestations/responses in PMR
A message of hope and light from Ragnar and MrsK
Working and doing things: The Spoon Theory reprised
Reduction and maintenance dose of steroids
Don't be afraid of taking pred - some whys and wherefores
PMR and the various stages of recovery
Reflections: PMR? TA? GCA? One, two or three things?
Ways GCA can be diagnosed (a composite of posts)
Hb1ac explained (for the diabetics amongst us)
A post about the immune system and the flu jab
The bush fire of PMR and the importance of steroid reduction
MIXED SYMPTOM MESSAGES... is it GCA or something else?
AN EXPLANATION OF PMR AND GCA - A why and how of steroids
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